Establish 1965          Dan, Marlene & Neva La Fleur         Near Westside of Madison, WI​​

Board & Training Information

Board and Training: Includes stall, bedding, feeding with salt and minerals necessary for a show horse’s diet. Full care and grooming, and full professional training, time dictated by the individual horse’s particular needs and abilities. The trainers assess each individual’s progress and abilities on a daily basis. Depending on the time and experience a horse has had to benefit from training, the trainers will judge when each horse will be ready to show, and where he would benefit best from showing. Likewise, if a new horse is sent to La Fleur Stables for training, the trainers can make a fair and accurate appraisal of horse’s ability (both in talent and in soundness). With ninety days of professional training, the owner can be advised if his investment is worthwhile to proceed with training.

  • Training your horse(s)
  • Board with Training your horse(s)
  • Full care Board your horse(s)
  • Academy Horse Board horse(s)
  • Plus Sales Tax on Boarding  5.5%
  • Stable Supply Charge annual fee
  • Required Equipment for all Horses in Training (FYI)
  • Radon Blanket for the Horse(s)                    
  • Bridle                            
  • Saddle  (The Instructor will help pick one out)
  • Horse Fan                            
  • Tail set                            
  • Gaited / Harness Boots                    
  • Tail Brace                            
  • Tail Switches                            
  • Riding Suits                            
  • Show Halter                            
  • Tail Set Fuzzes    

*Harness Horses or ponies may require specialized equipment all of which is the responsibility of the horse owner.  Any specialized equipment needed for the training of the specific horse is the responsibility of the owner.

Other Charges

  • Farrier --Bill Directly
  • Vet --Bill Directly
  • Body Clipping (if Needed)            
  • Medications (Vet will bill directly) Purchase price + stocking fee

Additional Supplies: These include the horse’s own halter, tail set, bridle, saddle, boots and any other equipment that the particular individual needs that is uncommon to the other horses, or that is custom fitted. If the horse needs such a personal effect, it will be itemized on the owner’s next statement. All horses are to be blanketed in stable sheets at horse shows.


Invoices will be mailed/emailed out around the end of the month. Invoice will include:

  1. Board and Training for the month checks to La Fleur Stables
  2. Lessons from the previous month.
  3. Any misc. charges such as equipment purchases or vet supplies from the previous month.
  4. Horse Show charges for horse shows in the following month.
  5. Horse show entries will be placed on credit cards- if the show does not accept credit cards or put on the invoice.

Payments are due back the 15th of each month. This allows La Fleur Stables, to also pay our bills on time; barn mortgage, purchase feed, bedding and payroll. If this is not possible we are willing to make arrangements.  Horse shows must be paid in full prior to the horse show. Horses will not be loaded and taken to the show if bills are not paid in full (however clients will still be responsible for payment.)  Payments not received by the 15th of the month will be charged a 5% service charge.

Horse Purchases and Sales

10% will be charges on top of the purchase or sale price for all horses bought or sold with La Fleur as agent. All commissions are to be paid to La Fleur Stables LLC prior to the date the horse enters or leaves La Fleur. Horses bought through public sale will be charged 10% or $1,000 which ever is greater. Horses sold at public auction will not be charged a sales commission. Buyers are also responsible for all costs accrued during “ shopping” trips. La Fleur Stables reserves the right to act as agent for both the buyer and seller of a single horse and charge a 10% commission from both the buyer and the seller. Horses bought with La Fleur, as Agent will undergo some form of pre-purchase examination. Pre-purchase examinations may cost anywhere from $1,500 - $3,000 depending on the area of the country and the extent of the exam.

All Sales for which La Fleur Stables acts, as agent will be handled with an official closing.

Sellers will present the following items at closing

  1. Official Transfer along with Horses original papers and check made out to ASHA. 
  2. Commission payment to La Fleur Stables
  3. Signed copy of Bill of Sale 

Buyers will present at closing

  1. Cashiers check or Proof of Wire for Purchase price.
  2. Commission payment to La Fleur Stables.
  3. Payment for any and all costs incurred while “horse shopping.”
  4. Signed copy of Bill of Sale.
  5. Payment for hauling of horse from former owner to La Fleur Stables. (If necessary)

Vets and Farriers

All horse owners are required to follow health and veterinary guidelines, which are promulgates by La Fleur Stables. La Fleur Stables sub contracts the finest Farrier and Veterinarians. In respect for their invaluable assistance and dependability, you will be responsible to pay their statement within 5 days of billing.


It is the responsibility of the owner to have liability and mortality 

Insurance on their horse(s). Usually the cost of insurance is 3% of your purchase price of your horse. 

Independent Equine Agents and yes there are other insurance companies.

Equipment Places that we use...

Jerald Sulky Co.
Polly Paintbrush
P & S Enterprises
RaDon, Inc.
R. E. Fennell Co.
Show Horse Tack, Inc.
Steed Enterprises
World Champion Horse Equipment

Terry Bennett Tack Shop

Hunt’s Harness

Freedom Harness