There is always something wonderful happening at the Stables!  

We love and care for horses just like you!
Follow us to our stables, west side of Madison area, WI.

La Fleur Stables business established 1965  in the world of Horses in Wisconsin!  

Dan & Marlene La Fleur open doors to the public, doing what they do well.   

Boarding/Training                      Breeding/Ownership                          Clinic/Seminars    

Agents  Sale/Buying                     Showing/Competitions            Stables Facility Information

Then after many challenging years for horses in today society, Hippoi Institute Ltd our non-profit has started to help with People with Horses.

 Journey to Wellness

​We will work to ensure each rider/owner develops self-awareness, independence, confidence, and creativity through riding and caring for the horses. We welcome horse lovers, families, youth, adults and investors  to our 15 rolling acres filled with horses of all breeds, colors and personalities.  We offer horseback riding lessons, summer horse camps, professional horse training, horse sales and a fabulous Airbnb as well!  

Airbnb Experiences -Horse Hotel

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January 21 Tuesday Riding Lessons
January 22 Wednesday Riding  Lessons
January 23 Thursday Riding Lessons
January 24 Friday Riding Lessons 
January 24 Amateur Night 5pm-8pm
January 25 Lunge Line Lessons
January 25 Saturday Riding  Lessons
January 28 Tuesday Riding Lessons
January 29 Wednesday Riding Lessons
January 30 Thursday Riding Lessons 
January 31 Friday Riding Lessons
January 31 Amateur Night 5pm-8pm

February 1 Saturday  Riding Lessons 
February 4 Tuesday Riding Lessons
February 5 Wednesday Riding Lessons
February 6 Thursday Riding Lessons 
February 7 Friday Riding Lessons 
February 7 Amateur Night 5pm-8pm
February 8 Saturday Riding Lessons 
February 8 Horse & Pony Experience 1m-3pm
February 8 Open Riding 2pm-4pm
February 11 Tuesday  Riding Lessons 
February 12 Wednesday Riding  Lessons
February 13 Thursday Riding Lessons
February 14 Friday Riding Lessons 
February 14 Amateur Night 5pm-8pm

Upcoming Public Events:

In early Y2K , Madison Riding Academy established by a National/World title rider, 
Neva La Fleur. To expend more of the riding programs; 

Riding Lessons; Group, Private, Lunge Line 

​Horse Adventures Programs 

Day Camps; Elite Equitation,  Farmstead,  Holiday,  Horse & Pony Experience,  Summer