• Body awareness and control
  • Mind body connection
  • Pain management
  • Release of tension and fear
  • Partnership with your horse
  • Fun!

Grooming, Tacking, and Horse Adventure —Advancing your skills around and with other companions sharing your LOVE with the horses.  Here are a great AFFORDABLE way to learn while riding and having other in the lessons. We know that people have very busy lives these days, so if it is difficult to make one of the below horse adventure, please contact us and we will try our best to find a time that is more convenient for you to come and enjoy.  

Please note, riding like so many other sports takes time, dedication, consistency, and repetitiveness.   If you really want to learn how to ride well, it is important that you ride on a very consistent basis.  We recommend that you ride at least once a week and more often if possible.

2020 Clinics- Seminar 
Form is Function
Parent/Jr. Exhibitor
February 22 9am-3pm $120.- 7 yrs- Adults

Supporters Day Orientation
March 14 2pm-4pm $50.-  5 yrs.- Adults

Educational on Horse "Open Barn" 
All ages free event      May 16 11am-3pm      May 17 11am-3pm

4-H Program          $80.—(Active Price)           $110.— (Daycare Price)    
Ages: 9 - 18 yrs. old 

  • Three hour session on a Friday evening 5pm-8pm
  • Focus on Safety, Education, Independence, Respect (for humans and equines alike) and teamwork. 
  • Educate and help for kids that are in 4-H

Amateur Night       $80.—(Active Price)           $110.— (Daycare Price)
4 yrs.-Adults

  • For the Passionate Rider on a Friday evening 5pm-8pm
  • Learn the steps and taking the TIME to embrace your passion with YOU and the HORSE.
  • Understanding how to lead a horse
  • Stand a horse on a lead
  • Understand the horses confirmation and how they communicate 
  • Grooming-Brushing, picking horses hooves
  • Tacking up the horses with Saddle, Saddle pad, girth, (instructor will bridle the horse)
  • Learn the basic of riding; walking with correct form and steering
  • Taking car of the horse after riding
  • Barn and stall care

Day Camps     1 day=$120.-  or 5 days=$450.-
Spend the day(s) at the stables; watch, learn, ride and Having FUN!
Day at the Stables

  • Ages: 5yrs. old - Adult 
  • January, February, March, April

 Holiday Day Camps 

  •  Ages: 5yrs. old - Adult 
  •  March, October, November, December

Summer Day Camps 

  •  Ages: 8 yrs. old - Adult 
  •  June, July, August

Day Time Lessons
Ages: 4 yrs. old-Adults

  • Tuesday 10:30am All Levels, 11:30am All Levels
  • Wednesday 10:30am All Levels, 11:30am All Levels
  • Thursday 11am Advanced/Intermediate, 11:45 Intermediate/Beginner, 12:30 Beginner/Intermediate
  • Friday 11am All Levels, 11:45am All Levels
  • Saturday 11am Advanced, 11:45am Intermediate/Advanced, 12:30pm Intermediate/Beginner, 1:15pm Beginner/Intermediate

Drill Team
Drill Team is based off early Cavalry, the performance's on horseback, which is complex, synchronized movements that are choreographed to music.  Our has all types of drill concepts mixed into one and the stables has teams of riders of many riding levels and ages.
Drill Team is an important addition because it teaches kids that “there is more to horseback riding than just showing” says La Fleur. This type of riding requires a different kind of dedication and teamwork from the entire team. With small teams averaging four riders and large teams exceeding eight riders, it takes an exceptional amount of balance, skill, and confidence to share the arena with so many other horses and to work in unison with them.  Drill Teams have already begun practicing together every Sunday and membership will be finalized in September for a Walk/Trot Team and two Walk/Trot/Canter Teams.  Drill Team is a ton of FUN.  Come out and give it a try!
Price: 8 package  Drill Team  $320 includes the Show

Driving/Harness Lesson     $100.-each driver (Active Price)  $110.-each driver (Daycare Price)
7 yrs.-Adult

  • One on one individual instruction
  • Learn and tune your driving skills. 

Evaluation Lessons 1 Lesson     — $120.— “Active”     —$130.—“Day Care”

 3 yrs-Adult

  •  One Rider one Instructor “Report Card” lesson

Horse Club

  • FREE Saturday's Meetings   8 yrs.-Adult
  • Focus on equine knowledge ask and answer. 
  • Educate and promote "Horse Events"
  • Meet other horsey friends.
  • Occasional cost to do outside activities.

Horse Hotel -Airbnb -For the traveling rider that has a horse that needs a layover stay

Leisure Outdoor Riding      $125.—(Active Price)     $140.— (Daycare Price)
Ages: 8 yrs. old - Adult participate 

  • Each rider Walking guided tour
  • Spring & Fall - Sunday's Check in 1:30pm - 3pm

Kids Nite &/or Family Night out at the Stables. Check the Event Calendar, 6pm-10pm      Fee kid $50 with adult $20
6:00 Games with Horses & Mini’s
7:30 Snacks
8:30 Pool, Basketball
10:00 Pick up Time

Musical Lessons and Equitation 
7 yrs.-Adult 

  • Rhythm and riding go hand in hand

Open Riding         $100.— Each rider (Active Price)       $120.— (Daycare Price)
7 yrs.-Adult each rider

  • Riders must be able to bridle-saddle-groom horse (spotter person can help)
  • Practice Time for riders to get more legged up.
  • Only for riders that are current riding students.
  • Must wear proper attire, if under the age of 17 adult must be present must be wearing Helmets
  • There will be an instructor around for those hours to answer questions...but will not be doing anything with the tack & grooming.
  • Make it enjoyable...

Parent & Child Riding 
4 yrs.-Adults 

  • Family Time and togetherness enjoying the horses.

Private Riding Lessons
1 Lesson     — $100.— “Active”     —$110.—“Day Care”

3 yrs- Adult

  • All lessons are one on one individual instruction by appointment only --email Neva@Lstables.com

Pattern Class     Check the Event Calendar    $100.- a session (Active Price)             $120.- a session  (Daycare Price)    
8 yrs.- Adult    11:30am - 1:30pm

  • Each rider An Equitation Experience with body and mind challenge
  • One Sunday in a month -Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov
  • One to one with the horse, demonstrating/dressage movements executing patterns.
    • Horsemanship Challenge Cup $100.- (Active Price)        $120.-  (Daycare price)
      • 7 yrs.- Adult
      • Equitation rail work and trot serpentine judged event
        • Walk-Trot
        • Walk-Trot-Canter Division
    • Showmanship Stables Cup $100.- (Active Price)        $120.-  (Daycare price)
      • 11 yrs old - Adult
      • Equitation Rail work and pattern Event judged event

Tack Care       Free (Active Price)         $30.— (Daycare Price)
7 yrs.- Adult.       9am - Noon

  • Learn about proper products we use for tack cleaning
  • One Sunday in a month -Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov

Tiny Tot Lessons
4 - 6 yrs old.  

  • Group lesson great affordable way to learn
  • Work on skills to develop for riding.
  • Tuesday 3:30pm, 4:15pm
  • Wednesday 4pm, 4:45pm
  • Thursday 11:45am, 12:30pm
  • Friday 11:45am
  • Saturday 12:30pm, 1:15pm

Tour La Fleur Stables
3440 Meadow Road
Verona, WI 53593
Set up Appointment; Neva@Lstables.com  or 608-833-3635

Start & Stop Lesson
This lesson is very important for learning how to have smooth transitions from one gait to the next. Everything you ask the horse to do should be seamless and subtle. You will learn how to have complete control over the horse. Riders will become confident that when they properly ask the horse to do something the horse will respect you and do anything.  Horsemanship, transitions and precision are key.  Patterns will become less intimidating once you learn how to do each individual segment. Start Stop lessons benefit everyone and will turn you into a more experienced and confident rider.
♣    From any gait you will ask the horse to stop (halt). From the halt you move directly into the next gait.
♣    Riders learn how to make smooth and effortless transitions between the gaits and halts. 
♣    You learn how to be in control of every step your horse takes. 
Elements of patterns are broken into segments focusing on one part at a time.

Stable "Mate" Program 
14 yrs.-Adults

  • Must have a current signed waiver release on record, this includes emergency information.
  • You have to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training within 3 months.
  • "Mate" in training do not receive "Horse Bucks.”
  •  If a worker has a great deal of previous horse experience, and they can pass the job requirements test, and they volunteer work two shifts at the stables, and they are at least 14 years older. 

Volunteer Information
11 yrs.-Adult FREE

  • Helping wonderful opportunity to learn.
  • Saturday's only 10am-3pm
  • Bring your own snacks

Yoga on Horseback and at the stables
Yoga for equestrians will help every rider build a stronger mind-body connection for improved performance. Learn how to enhance your riding skills through awareness exercises, visualizations, meditations, and improve your strength, flexibility, and balance through mounted and unmounted yoga routines.  
The exercises range from stretching techniques to easy muscle toning for primary riding areas such as the core muscles, legs, back, gluteal muscles, and hip flexors. 
Tension in the saddle can come not only from tension in the body, but from tension in the mind caused by fear and anxiety. Breathing exercises calm the nervous system and keep the body relaxed. If you are upset or tense, your horse can sense it.  Horses react to the fear and anxiety of their handlers which can then make for a difficult lesson. Keeping a calm mind helps your horse do the same.
The stretching exercises are a great way to relax before going to bed. If you're a "weekend" rider and would like a way to work a little bit on your toning and balance between rides this is the perfect class for you.

  • Benefits:
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Harmony
  • Confinence

Bring a Mat and wear clothing you can stretch & ride a horse. We do have a restroom for changing clothes. 

In addition, we are happy to plan and provide custom services tailored to individual or group needs.

The Next Step.....Are you ready for the next step in your riding career?  LaFleur stables offers quality American Saddlebred horses to lease or buy. There are many different options or routes to choose from. Let us find the perfect adventure for you!

We want YOUR experience with the HORSE a Positive and taking your Ability at the level you're comfortable.

Horse Adventures Programs - other services we offer

Programs--Grooming, Tacking and Horse Adventure.

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  • Pattern Classes
  • Tack Care
  • Clinics
  • Drill Team Program
  • Tournaments
  • Horse Club
  • Volunteering
  • Horse & Pony Experience
  • Open Riding
  • Leisure Outdoor Riding 
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"Horses are our passion and passion leads to making YOUR dreams come true."

Our mission at the stables is to create a meaningful and memorable experience between the horse and horse lover.

We believe that people who are passionate about horses are kindred spirits. Children and adults alike, who learn to ride, care for and show horses acquire unparalleled life and leadership skills.

We are dedicated to teaching students how to do the following:
• Learn as much as they can about horses and riding
• Build self esteem and confidance
• Instill a sense of personal responsibility and integrity
• Show empathy and kindness for both horses and humankind
• Develop a strong work ethic
• Act in a competitive and sportsman-like way AND most importantly......have fun!

We are committed to providing excellent service and holding ourselves to the highest safety standards all while continuously trying to find ways to innovate our horse riding program.

We always keep at the forefront of our minds, that we are role models for our riders, and loving stewards of our horses. Each day as we work with our riders and the horses, we never forget that this work is an absolute gift, honor and privilege.

Horses are the foundation on which our students are able to grow and develop into confident, productive, happy and successful members of society.

  • Amateur Night/4H Program
  • Horse Day Camps; Holiday & Summer
  • Tournaments/Stable Shows
  • Attending a Local Horse Show
  • Birthday Parties; All Ages
  • Group Outing— Scouts, Home Schoolers
  • Team Building—Corporate