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4-H Programs

We offer 4-H Riding Programs at the Stables for AGES: 9 years old - 18. The 4-H Team focus on safety, education, independence, respect (for humans and equines alike) and teamwork.

4-H seeks to shape its members into all around horseman and not simply riders.  4-H members are each assigned a horse for the year and unlike at other shows where riders may not be responsible for the care and preparation of their show horse, 4-H riders learn all of the Ins and outs of how to care for and show their own horse. Coaching from adults is limited during competition in order to enable 4-H members to learn from, teach and depend on one another as a team and as a community.‚Äč

"Active" $80.--

"Day Care" $110.--

Check Calendar / Event  for dates Friday Nights from 5pm - 8pm
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