"Horses are our passion and passion leads to making YOUR dreams come true."

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I get to do what I love to do... horses.  Horses help people on a daily basis from lifestyle, journeys, to goals.  I'm second generation in the horse world, I learn to love to ride at a very young age.  Then showing/competition I love and still get to do to this day.  Professional horse training/instructor in this business for several decades. I have teach and have taught several riders from the beginning stages to world/national titles.  "My pleasure is to watch a rider grow into accomplish horse person,   to carry the future of the horses".  

   In my youth years of growing up on a farm with 80 head of horses, doing all aspects.  We had horses for pleasure, showing, teaching, and raising horses.  Youth showing, I earned National Championship title.  Many days of hard work!  I know what it takes to earn.

    In my many days of training horses from prospects, earning many world, national titles from personal  to amateur/jr. exhibitors riders.  Horses have been a way of my life.  Eat, breathe, sleep all around horses life.

    My other loves in life are my sons and dogs.  My sons still to this day share passion and love for the horses.  

Owner of Madison Riding Academy LLC since early Y2K.

Reserve World Champion of Champion "Blue"
Winning World Champion

Neva La Fleur Trainer - Instructor