"Horses are our passion and passion leads to making YOUR dreams come true."

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The Stables, I lose track of time... 
Come and enjoy that ONE horse you will never FORGET!

No Hour of Life is Wasted in the SADDLE....

February 22 Parent & Jr. Exhibitor Clinic    9am-3pm $125.-

Spirit Day Wear your "Blue & Green" Stable Colors

Attention all Riders!  Do you take lessons and want to try something new? How about you parents who have kids who ride — have you ever wanted to experience more time around the stables? How about your families that want something to do together for a weekend. Brush up on your Showing/Performance Saddleseat Riding.  Ever wondered what to do on a dreary Saturday afternoons in February?  If you have ever asked yourself what you can do to propel your horseback riding to another level, then look no further.  Neva LaFleur (Master Horse Trainer, Rider and Instructor) & Bonnie Chapek have teamed up to offer you an innovative new approach to accelerate you're learning as a rider.
If you don’t want to ride,  but want to attend Clinic Sit In on a session $75

What to Bring: Make sure you have proper riding attire – jods, boots, gloves, etc.  Our barn is heated so you do not have to dress extremely warm, but February is still cold in WI!  Bring your saddle and girth.  Your own whip is optional.  Be sure anything you bring is clearly marked with your name.

Agenda & what is included:  (Clinic Fee includes all activities)

  • Appetizers in the afternoon
  • Lunge Line Lesson
  • Learning & reviewing the general how-to’s of horse care, health and safety
  • Equitation - what it is and why we practice it
  • Pattern execution
  • Specialized Saddle Seat Riding Lessons
  • Tips on show-ring performance
  • Bridle/Saddle Fitting
  • Watching Horse movies at Lunch on Sunday
  • Divisions & USAE Rules
  • Miniature Horses 

March 14 Supporter Day Orientation     2pm $50 per person

Spirit Day Wear your "Luck of the Irish" wear your Green Stable Color
Includes basic ride on a Horse
Appetizers — Drinks
Learning about World of Horses beginning Stage..

  • Make Dreams come to Reality
  • Goals set for Supporters
  • Goals set for Riders
  • Gain rider/supporters commitment
  • Reduce anxiety
  • To understand the Stables expectations
  • Convery what can be expected from the stables
  • Training tailored to rider/horse/investor/pleasure/supporter
  • Listen to Peers about How horses change them and their riders
  •  What is the cost? Why?

COME and GET your questions ask!     

March 15 Showdown Fun Series #1      10:30am-3pm

     Spirit Day Wear your "Blue & Green" Stable Colors

 come and WATCH cheer and enjoy.  Watch the beginning steps.

March 28 Spirit Day "Share a Joke"

​April 5 Easter egg Hunt 11am - 2pm 

April 11 Spirit Day Egg & Spoon Game Day

​April 17-19 Midwest Horse Fair, Madison, WI

​Alliant Energy

We have a booth in the Barn Parade. Promote - Service

April 18 Spirit Day "Help out at the Stables"

April 23-26 Des Moines Springfest Show, Des Moines, IA

May 2 Spirit Day "Hit the Piñata"

May 9 Spirit Day "Make a Card for your Mare"

May 16 "Open Stables" Programs on Horses       11am-3pm

Learn about programs and get your questions ask.  Who, what, where, when and why horses are important for you life. 

May 17 "Open Stables" Programs on Horses       11am-3pm

 Learn about programs and get your questions ask.  Who, what, where, when and why horses are important for you life.

May 31 Open One Day Show, East Troy, WI

June 9-13 Midwest Charity Show, Springfield, IL

June 14 WI Charity Show, Jefferson, WI

June 20 Spirit Day "Make a Card for your Sire"

June 24-27 Tanbark, St. Paul, MN

June 28 Open One Day Show, East Troy, WI

July 6-11 Lexington Jr. League, Lexington, KY

July 19 Showdown Fun Series #2 Open All Day English Show

July 24-26 Signature Show, Roscoe, IL

July 31-August 2 IASPHA Summer Show, Gurnee, IL

August 9 Open One Day Show, East Troy, WI

August 10-14 IL State Fair, Springfield, IL

August 22-29 World's Championship Show, Louisville, KY

September 13 Showdown Fun Series #3 Open All Day English Show

September 23-26 St. Louis National Charity, St. Louis Lake, MO

October 2-4 MN Futurity, Winona, MN

October 11 Pope Farm Conservancy Trail Ride

November 9-14 American Royal, Kansas City, MO

​November 22 Showdown Fun Series #4 10:30am - 3pm