Remembering Milestones....

March 2

Supporters Day Orientation


Fee: $50 per family

Appetizers —Drinks—Learning about Show Horse World

  1. Make Dreams come to Reality
  2. Goals set for Supporters
  3. Goals set for Riders
  4. Gain rider/supporters commitment
  5. Reduce anxiety
  6. To understand the Stables expectations
  7. Convery what can be expected from the stables
  8. Training tailored to rider/horse/investor/pleasure/supporter
  9. Listen to Peers about How horses change them and their riders
  10.  What is the cost? Why?

COME and GET your questions ask!  ENJOY the ORIENTATION!

May 18

"Open Stables" Programs on Horses


Door Prizes

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Pet and see Horses, dogs, cats

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