Drill Team Program

Drill Team is based off early Cavalry, the performance's on horseback, which is complex, synchronized movements that are choreographed to music.  Our has all types of drill concepts mixed into one and the stables has teams of riders of many riding levels and ages.

Drill Team is an important addition because it teaches kids that “there is more to horseback riding than just showing” says La Fleur. This type of riding requires a different kind of dedication and teamwork from the entire team. With small teams averaging four riders and large teams exceeding eight riders, it takes an exceptional amount of balance, skill, and confidence to share the arena with so many other horses and to work in unison with them.

Drill Team is a ton of FUN.

Come out and Enjoy!

Will start a Drill team in the FALL, for Holiday Gathering.

September 15, September 21, October 19, October 27, November 23, November 30, December 7, December 14


"Active" $320.-

"Daycare" $480.-

Proper Attire-Important Information-Policies