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La Fleur Stables

3440 Meadow Road Verona, WI 53593

Hippoi Institute LTD

Mental Health People with Horses -- for the LOVE of the Horses and the sport.

Helping and saving people and horses. 

We invite you to MAKE a DIFFERENCE join the Friends of Hippoi Institute...


  • Formed in 2019 as a Wisconsin Non for Profit
  • Internal Revenue 501(c)3 Status Pending
  • Goal to bring horses to Everybody 
  • Therapeutic PATH certified horse facility in the works


  • ​Memberships Levels
  • Corporate Memberships Levels
  • Additional Donation

All memberships are good for one (1) year from the date of purchase.   Members and donors will receive monthly updates on the Hippoi Institute, semi-annual newsletters, and notification of education programs and special events.

  • Offer Programs through out the YEAR
    • Riding Lessons
    • Schools; Grade, Middle, High School
    • Day Camps
    • Veterans Programs
    • Workshops
    • Clinics
  • Host  events
  • Manage horses through out the YEAR
  • Collect, Process and Learn
  • Coordinate efforts to help control
  • Educate non horsey people to the world of horses.
  • Begin to develop educational
  • Research into yourself with the horse
  • Further Develop the future

Our Students

Learn Hands on Around the horses from ground to riding.  Advance and facilitate educational opportunities and interpretive programming in the Hippoi Institute as an educational and community asset.

Our Horses

Are the finest horses that have patients for the people.  Horses can handle all levels of riding. Protect horses and natural habitat, and the general public's tranquil enjoyment of the Hippoi Institute as a passive conservancy free from commercial activity open space, volunteer interests. 

Our Volunteers-- Community Service Hours

They understand rider and horse from all levels.  We invite you to lend your talents to our community.  Please let know of your interests and talents by our Membership and Donation form.  Through volunteer activities, support the Hippoi Institute in the maintenance, improvement and general enrichment of the Hippoi Institute as an educational and community asset. If you like to get them from the Hippoi Institute, we would love to have you.  Tell us your needs, wants and desires; email nevalstables@gmail.com.