Horse Bowl Team

At the stables has Horse Bowl teams which were formed originally as a complement to the Show Team.  Horse Bowl is a quick recall competition focused on equine knowledge. Can you name four different kinds of western reins? Do you know what year the American Quarter Horse Association was founded? Can you name the founding lines of the Thoroughbred horse breed? Our Horse Bowl teams can tell you!  Large team is divided for competition into several smaller 4 person teams based on age. 

Teams practice every week using a buzzer system at the barn as they quiz each other from Horse Bowl manuals. You only have to be between 9 and 18 years old to be eligible. There are no try-outs! Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of their riding level. Horse Bowl is essential to show kids that there is a lot more to knowledgably working with horses than can be learned from horseback. Keep your ears open for practice dates closer to spring time.

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