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"Horses are our passion and passion leads to making YOUR dreams come true."

Hippoi Institute  Non-profit Organization

Help Riders with Horses.

Horse Lovers Supporters --

Donation for Horses to Riders

 Many of the remarkable accomplishments of our riders would not be possible without our special equine therapists. Yet, most people do not realize that it costs over $8,500 a year for the care and maintenance of each of our program horses, including such essentials as feed, veterinary care, and medical expenses. In operation since 1965, you may be "New" to the horse world but our nationally recognized competitive stables. 

We are SMALL business owner, committed to fostering horsemanship, inspiring leadership, and creating community through equine education.   We are small business owner anyone can participate in our riding programs, which serves young riders to adults and abilities.  Our stables equestrian competes successfully at the local, regional, and national levels.

We manage a 15 acres equestrian stables located on the Westside of Madison, WI.  We provide lessons, day camps, tournaments, boarding/training, showing/competitions, and parties.  We attracts riders from local communities, and outreach programs with FFA, 4-H, Horse Schoolers Families and Parent/Child riding lessons.  Our facility is a learning for stable management and organizational leadership.  Our focus on horsemanship and horse care, in addition to our memberships to United Equestrian Federation, American Saddlebred Association and United Professional Horseman Association.  

Since we a self-supporting small business, we rely on the customers business "Word of Mouth" passing that "Horses Raise GREAT People".  Our lesson horses and much of our tack and supplies, NEED People like you to help SPREAD the Word about "HOW great Horses ARE!!"

We have built a positive reputation locally and nationally, thanks to our dedicated customers/families, Stable staff and horses.  Like this where individuals can learn about horsemanship and improve riding skills in a community-based environment.

We ask your generous Horse Lovers make the miracles happen through this website. Horse Lovers  may include individuals, families, corporations, or service organizations. Help improve our lessons, clinics, and tournaments programs; support the Stables; provide access for those who may have never had the opportunity to ride before; and maintain our riding facilities so we can continue nurturing a passion for horses, community, and leadership.

An individual

 $8,500 full investor per year​
$4300 full investor for 6 months
$4,250 co-investor sharing per year
$2200 co-investor 6 months

Want to do more talk to the stables on ways to help out.

Business/Corporate investments

  • $65 Horse & Pony Experience
  • $120 Day Camper
  • $200 Pasture Pal
    • Help our horses get the best care possible!​
  • $320 Drill Team
  • ​$450 Elite Equitation Team
  • ​$500 Stable "Mate"
    • Giving back to the community helping by helping with leadership!
    • A horseshoe with your name on it, decorated by youth student
    • Listing on the Sponsor Recognition Page of the Website
  • ​$1500 Horse Show investor
    • Educate a rider or young horse by taking them to a local horse show.
    • Your name in our show brochure, posted on our website, Facebook page, and sent out via email to all current club members and past show attendees reaching lots of people
    • Signage and invitation to attend our Events
  • $12,000 per year
    • Permanent signage at the Stables for a year
    • Recognition on the sponsor page of the website
    • Invitation to attend our Stables Events
  • $6,000 for 6 months

In return, sponsors receive the following benefits:
⦁    A personalized Certificate of Appreciation

⦁    A picture of the sponsored horse--Academy, Retired Show Horse

⦁    A copy of the horse's nameplate, citing the sponsor, which is placed on the horse's stall.
⦁    Corporate sponsors will receive their logo on our website as well as their name advertised at our events.  

Horse Lovers are added to the funds set aside exclusively for the care of our Horse programs..

We would love to meet you. The Horses are waiting!