Horsemanship Challenge Cup
Division -- Walk - Trot
Division -- Walk - Trot - Canter
Fee $100.--
11am - 1pm


  • Open to riders ages 8 years old to adults

Jodphur pants, boots and gloves.  Helmets recommended.  Hair pulled back in a bun or ponytail if short.  A Stables shirt is required with our Logo.

Attire, Prices, Contact, Policies, Code of Conduct

  • Each rider must  used a horse from the stables in the event, the horse should be able to be safely to be ridden by a very of riders and walk and trot Cantor on both diagonals/leads.  Show or work bridles allowed.  Each horse needs suitable girth (and pad if needed).

Purpose: Horsemanship Challenge Cup is Designed to promote saddle seat Riding and sportsmanship in a  competition atmosphere for riders at our Stables.  The foreman of this event was chosen to showcase the riders ability. This competition is open to all levels non-professional riders from ages eight years to adults. Past winners are not allowed to compete but will be asked to guest judge. 

Format: Horses from the stables.   Riders will draw a horse asked to  perform on the rail  (no pattern) in at least one additional round (will be split into two groups)  Top 10 ribbons awards, then Champion and Reserve Champion named.  This is considered a "Special Event". 

  • Judging Specifications for Walk - Trot - Canter & Walk - Trot
  • Showmanship is paramount throughout the class.
  • classes is based 60% on rail work and 40% on the individual workout.
  • The mandatory workout in all qualifying classes is: "Trot a serpentine consisting of four half circles to the opposite end of the ring. Return down either rail at a show trot." Judges are not permitted to alter the mandatory workout in any manner. It is recommended, at the discretion of the judge, to instruct the ringmaster to line riders up as to create a clear area for the serpentine.