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Gotta (Blaze) 2016 Gelding Chestnut ASB

Sire: First Night In Dam: Gotta Have Her

Was showing in hand 2016.  Training him Hunter under saddle.  Great disposition; manners, stall, and riding. He is very flashy.  Renting/Leasing Option.

Are You In (Chip) 2015 Gelding Chestnut ASB

Sire: He's My Supremacy Dam: A Perfect Black Rose

First year showing in 2019 under saddle. Was showing in hand as a yearling and weanling.  2019 Awards from IASPHA  & Mid America Jr. Park Pleasure champion. Renting/Leasing Option. 

Good Catch (Catch)  2015 Gelding Bay Hackney Pony

Sire: Regal's Majesty LF Dam: Regal's Maryann LF

Long line and ridden a couple of times.  He is ready for more finish time.  He is very spirited.  Renting/Leasing Option

Gilbert Brown (Manly) 2012 Gelding Liver Chestnut  ASB 

Sire: Thundergun Dam: Simply Complicated

Shown in 2019 at Oshkosh Charity placing 1st in his class.  Very big body and height size.  Very happy and smooth to ride. Intermediate and advanced riders.

Showtime's Ring Leader LF (Clyde) Hackney Pony Roadster Pony 2014 Gelding Bay

Sire: Regal's Showtime LF Dam: Romeo's Elegance LF 

We use him in our riding lesson program.  He is broke to drive.  We ride him more that driving. Very good about grooming and ground work. Renting/Leasing Option.

RWCC CH Callaway's Blue Moon Rising (Blue) 2007 Gelding Liver Chestnut ASB

Sire: RWCC Callaway's Blue Norther Dam: Callaway's Cara Jean  Personality plus, love him for what he is.  Loves to show with gameness.  2019 Awards SHR 3-Gaited Ladies Champion.  Mid-America and IASPHA 3-gaited Champion.  Quality with presences.

HCH Double Vision  (See More) Hackney Pony Roadster Pony 2007 Gelding Bay USEF measurement card 12.2

Sire: Regal's Rascal LF Mare: Dun-Haven Dainty Vision

If you want a pony that gives his all be ready. Kind, fun and does every steps right.  He has more to give to that special person.  We just love him. 

Gypsy 2005 Mare Pinto Pony Not registered

Used in our lesson program for a few years.  Teaches the basics.  Colorful, 14 hands, and strong build.  Can carry good weight. Renting Option. 

Our Maggie Mae (Mae) 2003 Mare Bay ASB

Sire: Promise Keeper Dam: Deerhaven's Flossy Mae

Last showing 2011 has been in a lesson program since 2017.  Riding Level intermediate and advance rider. Good on the ground. She enjoys the attention.  Renting/Leasing Option. 

Top Secret LF (Hank) Hackney Pony Roadster Pony 2003 Gelding Bay

Sire: Dun-Haven Dauntless Dam: Conqueror's Treasure LF 

Has been in our lesson program for all most a year.  Fun and smooth to ride.  Good on the ground work.  Renting/Leasing option. 


Norman 2000  Gelding Chestnut Not registered

What you see is what you get.   Lead him feed, him kind of horse.  Very country riding.  We use him for leading parties.  He enjoys grooming and eating.  Renting Option. 

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