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Intensive Classes

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Board & Training — We offer boarding and training at the stables with horses. 

Breeding ASB — We can help you with breeding Saddlebreds & English style.

Clinics - 

  • Form is Function -- AGES: 8 years old - Adults -
  • Parent/Jr. Exhibitor -- AGES: 7 years old - Adults -
  • Supporters Day Orientation -- AGES: 5 years old - Adults -
  • Educational on Horses "Open Barn" -- All ages - May 18​ & May 19

Day Camps —  Spend the day at the stables; watch, learn, ride, and Having FUN!

Evaluation Lesson -- AGES: 4 years old - ADULTS —“Report Card” One Rider to One instructor

Group Lessons -- AGES: 4 years old - ADULTS— Advancing you're riding skills and with companions sharing your LOVE with the horses and barn family.  Usually not anymore than 6 people in a lesson with ALL level of riders and horses.

Horsemanship Challenge Cup - AGES: 7 years old - ADULT Equitation Rail work and Trot serpentine Pattern Judged event ---Walk-Trot ---  Walk-Trot-Canter Division. 

Horses For Sale — We have horses for Sale at the stables and/or we can help you find your dream horse. ALL AGES and ALL LEVELS

Horse Lovers Supporter — Specialize in educate a young horse at our stables. Ask how you can get involved. ALL AGES of Horses and ALL LEVELS

Lunge Line Lesson - AGES 4 years old - ADULT — Is one of the BEST important lessons to take. It teaches you balance and how to properly position your body while riding. These lessons are what takes any rider to the next level. 

Musical Lessons -  AGES: 7 years old - ADULT— Rhythm and riding go hand-in-hand riding lessons. 

Leasing Options - Benefits of Leasing enables riders to trade up for the next step.

Pattern Classes -- AGES: 8 years old - ADULTS — This class is to work on one to one with the horse, demonstrating/dressage movements executing patterns.  If you want to improve on your skills this is a great class.

Private Riding Lessons  AGES: 4 years old - ADULT— One Rider to One Instructor.

Showmanship Stables Cup  AGES: 11 years old - ADULTS— Equitation Rail work and Pattern — Judge event

Showing/Competitions — Horse shows is the proving ground for American Saddlebreds, men and women compete on an equal footing, and as the skills of a rider progress, shows offer opportunities to participate in “big league” athletic competition.   Entire families participate in the sport, and the opportunity to travel and show together is often mentioned as one of the best experiences of owning a SADDLEBRED.

Tournament AGES: Younger children - ADULTS — Riders in our riding programs can test themselves. Learn More… 

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