Leasing Options

Benefits of Leasing enables riders to trade up for the next step.

It is best interest to seek advice from La Fleur Stables; trainers before Buying - Leasing - Competitions.  Experience professional trainers will help you avoid mistakes in selecting a horse that is suitable for the way you want to use it.

How to get started?
La Fleur Stables will access your goals. What are you looking for? Show horse or a horse for pleasure. What horse would suit your need as a rider? Age of horse. We will work together to help you decide what horse is right for you.

How does It work?
Does your rider have an interest in taking on the challenge of the show ring?  Not sure if your ready for horse ownership? Get involved with the stables Leasing program.  A select group of highly trained, competitive horses are available to riders for contracted period of time.  Most horses will be leased for a year with special considerations given to personal show and competition schedules.  Leasing fees will vary from horse to horse.  Neva looks forward to discussing your rider's personal current and future show-ring goals and work on defining a path towards reaching them by partnering with a special horse.

What's involved with Leasing?
First talk with Neva about Leasing Options and discuss what yours rider's personal and show ring goals are. Some horses are kept in our training program and some are kept in the Academy program.  
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