Est. 1965          Dan, Marlene & Neva La Fleur         West side Madison, WI​​

I Spy a Firefly 

Flashy, Sporty gelding that does 3 gaits. Shown through-out the Midwest shows.  Loves to show.

Listed: 1/1/2017

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A Fire Cracker

All around useful pleasure horse. Beautiful inside and out with a  stylish trot and the tea cup canter.  Been shown in park pleasure and in top ribbons in the Midwest shows. Loves to Show!!!

PRICE: Call for Price
DOB: 2008
PRICE: Call for Price
DOB: 2007

CH Callaway's Blue Moon Rising

Every step your on the edge of excitement.  Loves his job of being a SHOW horse. Pleasure/ Mane Tail Park Classes. 

PRICE: Call for Price
DOB: 2006

Horses For Sale

Before purchasing a horse, La Fleur Stables will access your goals.

What are you looking for? Something for Entertainment, For you to ride, or your DREAM. 
Show Horse
Prospect investment Horse
Horse for at Home/Pleasure

What horse would suit you as a rider?
Color of horse
How old is horse?
​                  Pleasure/Country Pleasure/Western/Hunt seat

We will work together to help you decide what horse is right for you.


10% will be charges on top of the purchase or sale price for all horses bought or sold with La Fleur as agent. All commissions are to be paid to La Fleur Stables LLC prior to the date the horse enters or leaves La Fleur. Horses bought through public sale will be charged 10% or $1,000 which ever is greater. Horses sold at public auction will not be charged a sales commission. Buyers are also responsible for all costs accrued during “ shopping” trips. La Fleur Stables reserves the right to act as agent for both the buyer and seller of a single horse and charge a 10% commission from both the buyer and the seller. Horses bought with La Fleur, as Agent will undergo some form of pre-purchase examination. Pre-purchase examinations may cost anywhere from $1,500 - $3,000 depending on the area of the country and the extent of the exam. 

All Sales for which La Fleur Stables acts, as agent will be handled with an official closing.

Sellers will present the following items at closing

  1. Official Transfer along with Horses original papers and $50 check made out to ASHA. 
  2. Commission payment to La Fleur Stables
  3. Signed copy of Bill of Sale 

Buyers will present at closing

  1. Cashiers check or Proof of Wire for Purchase price.
  2. Commission payment to La Fleur Stables.
  3. Payment for any and all costs incurred while “horse shopping.”
  4. Signed copy of Bill of Sale.
  5. Payment for hauling of horse from former owner to La Fleur Stables. (If necessary)    

Listed: 1/1/2017

Listed: 1/1/2017