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Stables Address: 3440 Meadow Road, Verona, WI 53593                 608-833-3635
Manager/ Trainer/Instructor: Neva La Fleur

The stable is located just minutes from prestigious shopping centers and within a mile of four highly rated golf courses. The stable is only fifteen minutes from the beautiful State Capital, the University of Wisconsin, Overture Center, and the famous State Street promenade. Nearby schools include Madison’s schools (Paul Olson, Jefferson & Memorial) Middleton-Cross Plains schools (West Middleton) & Verona Schools

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We want everyone at the stables to feel safe, confident, and accepted for all of their unique qualities.  It is important that all members of the barn family treat each other with respect as well as supporting each other during our interactions at the barn.  Our code of conduct serves as a guideline for positive behavior.

Important Information — Policies- Code of Conduct
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  • All riders must review, sign and follow barn rules
  • Each rider learns new skills at his and her own pace.
  • Must wear appropriate uniform for the Riding Program that you in.
  • Dress appropriately for riding.  Wear sports attire including long pants; jodhpurs are recommended, paddock boots, shirts that are not revealing, and sports bra if necessary.
  • Respect trainers, instructors, and other stall members.
  • Cancellation Policy-the stables requires 24 hour notice to cancel any riding program. Failure to give 24 hour notice will result in forfeiture of the program time and fee.  No refund or credit will be given for failure to cancel or complete a lesson session.
  • Increment Weather Plan--If there is bad weather we will follow the Madison protocol.
  • All riding program must have a sign Liability waiver or online form
  • It is a boarder's responsibility to ensure that all his/her guests have completely filled out and signed a release.
  • Persons under 17 may not ride unsupervised without trainer's and parents’ permission. Approved helmets with chin harness in place must be worn at all times for riders under 17 while mounted.  
  • Children under 17 “Daycare” are not to be left unattended at any time at the barn, unless PRIOR arrangements have been made.  This includes lessons or barn time.
  • In 2019, the Stables policies will go into effect. The new  policies are part of a congressional requirement mandating United State Equestrian Federation (USEF), as well as other amateur sports organizations and governing bodies, to implement policies and procedures that limit one-on-one interactions between minor athletes and adults who are not their parent/legal guardian. We designed these policies to work for equestrian sport, but please recognize that they are based on the uniform policies developed by the U.S. Center for SafeSport that will further protect minor athletes, under federal law. If a child is left alone with adult that isn't their parent/guardian they must have permission and pay the "DAYCARE" fee packages.  
  • Communication through Texting/Email must be done with all parties -- Parent/Guardian, child, and trainer/instructor. These policies are designed to protect minors and adults, and other sports governing bodies across the country are enacting similar measures. 
  • Any lessons MUST be Scheduled through SIGN up GENIUS.  Any communication with Child will not be taken due to who's paying for the lessons. 
  • Please use your own equipment and respect other people’s property.
  • Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their horses.
  • Clean up manure immediately. Do not wait until after you ride.
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. (Would you want someone to criticize your appearance, clothes, or how you ride?)
  • Refrain from loud, boisterous talk, inappropriate language, and other unbecoming conduct.  (Profanity will Not be tolerated at the stables.)
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship in the show ring, contests, lessons, and meetings. (Be modest in winning and generous in defeat.)
  • First Aid - If a rider gets hurt while, grooming, tacking or horse adventure.  We have band aids on property.  If rider need more aid, family/guardian will be notified.  


  • Dress appropriately for riding.  Wear sports attire including long pants; jodhpurs are recommended, paddock boots, shirts that are not revealing, and sports bra if necessary.
  • Respect trainers, instructors, and other stall members.
  • Hard work and communication pays with the entire family 
  • “Active” Packages — for parents and guardian staying with their child under 17 yrs. and under. We see children excel when parents stay. You get your moneys worth.
  • “Daycare” Packages — drop off


  • No smoking anywhere on the property at any time.
  • Use of illegal substances or underage use of alcohol or tobacco will not be tolerated.
  • While the farm carries insurance it will NOT cover damage or theft of saddle and or equipment, so please make sure you have communicated with your own insurance company. 
  • Cell phones are not allowed in the stables at anytime unless authorized by the owner or instructor of the barn.  Please leave your cell phone in your car or you may check it in at the stable store.  We are very strict about this policy, because we want to ensure the safety of all riders and horses.
  • The La Fleur family is the only tenant on the property please do not "visit" the home on the property. All horse related issues will be addressed either at the barn or by phone during business hours.
  • Respect and properly care for all horses.


  • Drive slowly when entering the driveway
  • Year around Riding Programs are given in our heated Indoor arena or in one of our unique multiple outdoor riding venues.   We are able to ride in any kind of weather Wisconsin brings our way!
  • Do not feed any horse but your own without owner's permission. Do not allow your horse to "sniff noses" with other horses, as this can lead to injuries.
  • Due to safety concerns, please do not feed or pet the horses through their stall bars.  This rule is for your protection, so please respect it.
  • WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! For the Health of the Horses, feel free to look but please refrain from petting any horses without asking the Stable management first.
  • Good Hygiene practices are always recommended.  Washing your hands ofter or the frequent use of hand sanitizers helps to protect the horses.
  • Each person will implement any instructions or suggestions for safety made by our staff.
  • The Stables is here to create a welcoming and safe environment for all of our riders and visitors.  If there is a question or concern it is expected that you will bring it to the attention of the owners and or staff rather than taking it to another boarder or client.
  • Be thankful for all opportunities that you are fortunate to experience at the stables.  Also be mindful of others who may not be able to experience that same type of opportunities.  Refrain from bragging which could lead to hurting someone’s feelings.
  • Gossip will not be tolerated.  (Do not spread rumors about members of our barn family.  Don’t talk about someone behind their back.  Instead, have a conversation with that person and work out your differences.  Before you say anything, ask yourself these questions:  Is it Kind? Is is True? Is is hurtful? Is is necessary?)
  • Take pride in our Stables organization, activities, programs, and exhibits.  (Speak positively about the Stables, be polite, and dress appropriately when attending a Stables function.)


  • Payments are due beginning of the lessons; we accept Cash, checks, Credit Cards; MasterCard, Visa, Discover — Pay Pal
  • Riding Programs offered 7 days a week along with evening hours. Check Calendar/Events for times.
  • Online Schedule Sign up Genius 
  • If a rider arriving late for a program will receive a shortened time but will still be responsible for the full cost of the program.

Social Media

  • Use social media responsibly: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Test Messaging, Etc. (The Stables will not tolerate inappropriate posts such as use of profanity, negative comments about other barns, references to use of illegal substances or alcohol or tobacco, etc.)
    • Social media
      • Facebook  will post happenings and dates of events

Consequences for Breaking La Fleur Stables / Madison Riding Academy Code of Conduct
First Offense: Conference with the rider, parents, Instructors         Second Offense: One week suspension from the barn.
Third Offense: Two week suspension from the barn.                        Fourth Offense: Again Conference with the rider, parents, Instructors.

​I have carefully read the rules and agree to obey them.  We appreciate you time and business. 

Policies-Code of Conduct