Private Riding Lessons

ages: 3 yrs. - Adult

$100 one lesson

One to One Riding Riding Lesson instruction ages 4 years old - Adults.  Work on one skills with Rider, Horse & Instructor as a team.

It is the horse who is the athlete and the rider is more like the driver or director.  

These are the FOUNDATION SKILLS that a GOOD rider must be able to impart successfully to the equine.

example— This would be like a piano teacher giving her beginnings students lessons on playing Beethoven sonatas, rather than learning the fundamental piano skills, playing scales until your hands know where every key is.

The benefits of riding include independence, self awareness, self esteem and creativity.  As well as all the psychological benefits, riding is great physical exercise.

What to wear to the lesson....Proper Attire
Looking forward on making your goals and dreams to come true.

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