Proper Attire

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Beginner Attire:
MUST WEAR LONG PANTS! Absolutely no shorts or capris are allowed! Although not desirable, jeans are permitted at entry level. 
Paddock Boots! No sandals, flip flops, or any clogs allowed! Best to have a closed toe shoes. 
Helmets - SEI approved safety horseback riding helmets will be provided.
Hair pulled back neatly

Intermediate and Advanced Attire for all riders:
Kentucky JODHPURS or LEGGINGS  - Jodhpurs must have keepers and worn with a belt
BOOTS - Jodhpur boots, paddock boots - No fashion boots with large heals will be allowed
GLOVES - Leather gloves required
HELMETS - SEI approved safety horseback riding helmets
​Shirt worn tucked in should fit neatly
Hair pulled back neatly

Please note, it is very important to wear proper attire, because it is not only safer, but will also help improve your riding ability.  Using the proper equipment shows respect for the the sport and pride in your appearance.  We expect all riders to come prepared with the correct attire every time they ride.

The instructor will be happy to help you order the proper RIDING APPARL ATTIRE.

  • •P & S (reasonable jods & boots)
  • Hartmeyer (Riding apparel, equipment and helmets)
  • Show Horse Tack (used Saddles, riding apparel, helmets, equipment)
  • Midwest Consignments (used riding suits)
  • Becker Brothers (custom made riding suits)
  • DeRegnaucourt (custom made riding suits)
  • ​Marsha De Arriage (custom made riding suits)
  • Steed Enterprise (custom design Whips)
  • World Champion Horse Equipment
  • ​Dover (Helmets)

Important Information — Policies- 
    •    No Membership Fee
    •    Year around Riding Programs are given in our heated Indoor arena or in one of our unique multiple outdoor riding venues.   We are able to ride in any kind of weather Wisconsin brings our way!
    •    Lessons are offered 7 days a week along with evening hours. Check Calendar/Events for times.
    •    To schedule a lesson, Fill out the form on the page of what lesson you're looking into.
    •    Payments are due beginning of the lessons; we accept Cash, checks, Credit Cards; MasterCard, Visa, Discover — Pay Pal
    •    If a rider arriving late for a lesson will receive a shortened lesson but will still be responsible for the full cost of the lesson.
    •    Each rider learns new skills at his and her own pace.
    •    Proper Attire
    •    All riders must sign Liability waiver
    •    All riders must review, sign and follow barn rules
    •    All lesson packages, except the four consecutive lesson package option, must be used within 1 year from the date of purchase.  The four consecutive lesson package must be used within 30 days of purchase.
    •    Cell phones are not allowed in the stables at anytime unless authorized by the owner or instructor of the barn.  Please leave your cell phone in your car or you may check it in at the stable store.  We are very strict about this policy, because we want to ensure the safety of all riders and horses.
    •    Cancellation Policy-Madison Riding Academy requires 24 hour notice to cancel a riding lesson.  Failure to give 24 hour notice will result in forfeiture of lesson time and fee.  No refund or credit will be given for failure to cancel or complete a lesson session.
    •    Increment Weather Plan--If there is bad weather we will follow the Madison protocol.

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