Proper Uniform Attire
Riding like other sports has a “uniform”.  This is not for appearance or a fashion show, but for the safety of the rider.Form fitting shirts tucked in.  This allows instructors to see body position during lessons.  

Boots.  NO fashion boots or Cowboy boots.  It is recommended that riders invest in jod boots.

Jods or Breeches.  While you can ride in jeans you will find that the inside seam will start to rub on your leg and most jeans have the “bling” on the back pockets that will damage the leather on the saddles.  If you show up with bling jeans you will not be permitted to ride.

Helmet.  If you are under 17 you are required to wear a helmet in all lessons.  This is for safety.  We encourage adult riders to invest and wear a helmet to wear when mounted on the horse. NEVER buy a used helmet as you do not know the fall history and the stability of the helmet.

NO jewelry such as dangly earrings and necklaces.  These can become hung up on the saddle and can cause injury to the rider.  If you must wear a medical alert bracelet, please make sure it fits snugly.

Gloves are recommended to save wear and tear on your hands.  There are a number of different types of gloves that are perfect for the season and for riding.  Please check with an instructor if you have questions.

No baggy shirts.  These can become tangled in equipment and can lead to injury to the rider.

Beginner Level:

  • Best to have a closed toe shoes. 
  • Helmets - SEI approved safety horseback riding helmets will be provided at the stables.
  • Must wear a Shirt
  • Hair pulled back neatly to fit under helmet.

Intermediate and Advanced Level for all Riders:

  •  JODHPURS or LEGGINGS  - Jodhpurs must have keepers and worn with a belt
  • BOOTS - Jodhpur boots, paddock boots 
  • GLOVES - Leather gloves required 
  • HELMETS - SEI approved safety horseback riding helmets It is HIGHLY recommended for 17 yrs old and under. 
  • Shirt worn tucked in should fit neatly
  • Whip 
  • Hair pulled back neatly

Please note, it is very important to wear proper attire, because it is not only safer, but will also help improve your riding ability.  Using the proper equipment shows respect for the the sport and pride in your appearance.  We expect all riders to come prepared with the correct attire every time they ride.

There are a number of locations that you can purchase the above attire needed for your rider’s lessons.  If you need any help please do not hesitate to ask an instructor and we will guide you to success. 

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