EST. 1965                           Dan, Marlene & Neva La Fleur                              West side Madison, WI

The instructor will be happy to help you order the proper RIDING APPARL ATTIRE.

Proper Attire

Beginner Attire:

  • MUST WEAR LONG PANTS! Absolutely no shorts or capris are allowed! Although not desirable, jeans are permitted at entry level. 
  • Paddock Boots! No sandals, flip flops, or any clogs allowed! Best to have a closed toe shoes. 
  • Helmets - SEI approved safety horseback riding helmets will be provided.
  • Shirt
  • Hair pulled back neatly

Intermediate and Advanced Attire for all riders:

  • Kentucky JODHPURS or LEGGINGS  - Jodhpurs must have keepers and worn with a belt
  • BOOTS - Jodhpur boots, paddock boots - No fashion boots with large heals will be allowed
  • GLOVES - Leather gloves required
  • HELMETS - SEI approved safety horseback riding helmets
  • ​Shirt worn tucked in should fit neatly
  • Whip 
  • Hair pulled back neatly

Please note, it is very important to wear proper attire, because it is not only safer, but will also help improve your riding ability.  Using the proper equipment shows respect for the the sport and pride in your appearance.  We expect all riders to come prepared with the correct attire every time they ride.