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Love at FIRST Sight....

​Attire, Prices, Contact, Policies, Code of Conduct

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Breeding ASB
We can help you for your future with Horses.

  • Willingness to Please us Everyday
  • Saddlebred for everyone in the family— Kid Safe
  • Superior Athletes
  • Sound Conformation
  • Good Dispositions
  • Enjoyable RIDING Horses

Let La Fleur Stables help you find your next CHAMPIONS!​​ Set up Appointment 608-833-3635

Horses FOR Sale 

  • We have horses for sale at the stables
  • We can help you find your dream horse(s). 

Investment Horses

  • Specialize in educate/training a young horse
  • Get involved
  • All ages of horses and all levels 

Leasing Options

  • Benefits enables rider to learn the next steps of the world of horses.
  • Show Horse - Academy Horse - Horse at the stables
  • Set up Appointment 

Showing/Competitions — Horse shows is the proving ground for American Saddlebreds, men and women compete on an equal footing, and as the skills of a rider progress, shows offer opportunities to participate in “big league” athletic competition.   Entire families participate in the sport, and the opportunity to travel and show together is often mentioned as one of the best experiences of owning a SADDLEBRED.


  • Younger Age - Adults
  • Fun learning shows that serve a number of purposes for the horse lover.
  • Suitable for all levels; beginners, intermediate, advance
  • Work on goals

Horse Hotel For the traveling rider that has a horse that needs a layover stay

Horse Lovers Supporters

  • Donations for Horses to Riders
  • Helping a small business owner
  • "Horses Raise Great People”

Leisure Outdoor Riding      $125.—(Active Price)     $140.— (Daycare Price)

  • Ages: 8 yrs. old - Adult participate 
  • Each rider Walking guided tour
  • Spring & Fall - Sunday's Check in 1:30pm - 3pm

Open Riding         $100.— each rider (Active Price)       $120.— (Daycare Price)

  • 7 yrs. old - Adult each rider
  • Riders must be able to bridle-saddle-groom horse (spotter person can help)
  • Practice Time for riders to get more legged up.
  • Only for riders that are current riding students.

Parties/Groups/Outing/Scouts              Stable Fee $200.00

  • We welcome year around parties/outings introducing "People" to the world of Horses. 
  • We offer approximately two hours of FUN filled horsey time at the stables. 
  • Truly special and active party for all ages.  
  • We’ll take care of ALL the horsey FUN!!  
  • Riding helps with balance and strength.
    • Option 1 Introductory Leading $15.00 each rider
      • Younger Age - Adults 
    • Option 2 Primary Riding $35.00 each rider
      • Recommended for ages 8 yrs. old -Adults

Tack Care       Free (Active Price)         $30.— (Daycare Price)

  • Ages: 7 yrs. old - Adult
  • Learn about proper products we use for tack cleaning
  • One Sunday in a month -Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov
  • 9am - Noon

Tour the Stables 3440 Meadow Road, Verona, WI 53593

  • Set up Appointment;
  • 608-833-3635

Volunteer Information 

  • AGES: 11 years old - ADULT
  • Giving a helping hand at the stables on Saturdays. 

Stable "Mate" Program
Ages: 14 yrs old - Adults

  • Must have a current signed waiver release on record, this includes emergency information.
  • You have to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training within 3 months.
  • "Mate" in training do not receive "Horse Bucks.”
  •  If a worker has a great deal of previous horse experience, and they can pass the job requirements test, and they volunteer work two shifts at the stables, and they are at least 14 years older.