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Open English Day Horse Show

Showdown Fun Series Information #2 & #3

July 19 & September 13

Bring 2020 Original Negative Coggins and Leave a Copy Required for Show Office

Coggins:  All Horses must have a current coggins.  All horses are required to be up to date on vaccinations.  We require EWT, FLU/Rhino, intra nasal strangles, rabies, Potomac Horse Fever and west Nile vaccinations.  We encourage horse owner to have done their prior to arrival. Vet on Call: Lodi Vet Care

Judge: TBA

Lead Line Walk - Trot: 10 & Under: Is assisted by an adult (18 & Over)
Junior Horse: Horse is 5 yrs old and under
Novice: Has NOT WON 3 first place ribbons in that Division.
Walk - Trot Classes: May NOT cross enter into canter classes
Jackpot Class: Must have 6 entries needed to hold the class, $15.- to enter 

Open to ALL Owners - Trainers - Riders
Show Clothes for Riders that are using Proper Show Equipment
Academy Attire for Riders that are using Work Equipment. 

Academy Riders: Who are taking lessons and are mounted on horses actually used in a lesson program.
 Show Tack on Academy Horses: Work bridles, leg wraps, saddle pads are all acceptable.  Double bridles, draw reins are used to the instructors knowledge of their horses and riders.  Attire: All English; Saddleseat, Hunt, Academy clothing is acceptable. Must wear Riding boots Helmets must be worn by riders 17 & under.  There will be some helmets provided by the stable.

Office Fee: $10.- Horse - Rider
Classes: $15.- (pre-entry $10.-) Entries received by July 13th & September 7th

Can be or mailed 3440 Meadow Road, Verona, WI 53593
Entry Fees are all non Refundable

Scratches: It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to scratch an entry for a class in which her or she does not intend to participate.  No refund for scratch classes.   Due to any reason that your unable to show in the stable show, and you signed  up.  Non-Refundable on the money back, it will be a nice donation to the Hippoi Institute. 

Earliest Arrival: Noon on Saturday. Shows starts Sunday 9am sharp
Sunday Pre paid Stall: $40.- Bedding included
Saturday Overnight Pre paid Stall: $50.- Bedding included

Arriving Sunday Stall: $50.- Bedding included
Bedding: $8.- per bag must buy at the Facility 
Stalls and bedding must be reserved by July 13th & September 7th to get your discounts.

About the stalls: 12x12 with some stalls have automatic water, cross ties, rubberized floor mats, bedding included 


Wash Rack Available

Indoor  Arena: 60’ x 160’ HEATED indoor riding arena 16 foot ceilings 
Outdoor ring is where the show will be held.

Spectators - Families: Are welcome at the stables is handicap accessible.  Seating is available, can bring your own chairs.

Bathroom with Shower
Semi - Truck Trailer parking will NOT have electricity. 

Food Cart on the Grounds

Dogs -Animals: must be on a leash and not by the show arena. The facility has dogs of their own also. 

Age Divisions as of December 1st, 2019

Riders: The rider’s age as of December 1st will be the age group that they will  compete in throughout shows.
18 & Over
10 & Under

High Point $10.- horse/rider
Division High Point Classes: 
English 18 & Over
English  14-17
English 11-13
English 10 & Under

Gaits Requirements: To be shown at a walk, trot (forward moving stride), extended trot, canter and extended canter both ways of the ring. For safety reasons the judge may limit the number of horses to be shown at extended canter at one time. Entries must be asked both ways of the ring to halt and stand quietly on the rail.

English In Hand Halter: Entries are to be led into the ring and shown in bridle or halter.  One or  Two attendants per animal are permitted. They must be neatly attired with clean, well-fitted conservative clothes. Entries must stand squarely on all four feet with the front legs perpendicular to the ground. Rear legs may be placed slightly back but the handler may be asked to move hind legs up under the animal for inspection.   Judged 50% on conformation and finish; 50% way of going and natural action.

English Showmanship: Is judged on his/her ability to present and a horse in the ring to its greatest advantage in such a manner as to overcome any conformation faults. Judging is based on: 50%—Presentation of the horse and showmanship skills; 40%—Condition, grooming and fitting of the horse; 10%—Appearance and grooming of exhibitor. Only a riding whip is permitted.  Correct attire: Jodhpurs or neat, dark slacks, long-sleeved shirt, tie, boots and vest (of any material) or hunt dress; coats of any kind are prohibited; hats and gloves are optional. Clothes and person should be neat and clean.

Judging: Manners and suitability as a pleasure mount are paramount. Transitions from one gait to another should be smooth and effortless. Horses must be obedient with prompt transitions. Special emphasis is placed on a true, flat walk. Entries must be asked both ways of the ring to halt and stand quietly on the rail. Horses must stand quietly (Hunter horses are not to be stretched) and back readily in the line-up. TO BE PENALIZED: Pulling, head tossing, laboring action, going sideways, tail-switching and excessive speed at the hand gallop. For Hunter Country Pleasure Horses, competitors enter the ring in a counterclockwise direction at the trot. Light contact with the horse’s mouth must be maintained at all gaits. Judges must consider the performance at each gait equally in adjudicating the class. Horses may show with a conservative braided mane and tail. Horses shall not be penalized for showing with a full, unbraided mane and tail.

English Pleasure Classes: Rider is judged on their ability to control and handle their horse properly.  Flat walk and correct leads will count. 

English Equitation Classes: Rider will be judged on their ability to control their horse as well as showing proper form at the same time.  Flat walk, correct diagonals, and correct leads will count. 

English Patterns Class: Will be posted One month ahead of time for riders to study.  We can emailed if requested.

Lead-Line Class: Riders will be led by a handler at the walk and trot both directions of the ring individually. Riders will be expected to post, however correct diagonals are not required.  Leaders must be 18 & over.

Trophies & Ribbons: Trophies will be awarded to first place winners.  Ribbons will also be awarded for first through sixth place participants.  

Ads and sponsorships promote what you are doing. Ads $25 any size and sponsorships $25 per class. 

Official Tournament Photographer: Will post pictures on Social Media. 

Office Hours: Sunday morning 7:30am through during the show and after an hour after the show is completed.  

Cell phones: Are best to be used to video and take pictures of your own personal use.  Other uses please be respectful.

Class Schedule Open English Day Show Sharp 9am     

1. Open English Type In-Hand Halter
2. 18 & Over English Showmanship
3. 14-17 English Showmanship
4. Novice English showmanship
5. 13 & Under English Showmanship 
6. Junior Horse English In-Hand Halter

10am Break 10 minutes

7. Open Walk - Trot English Pleasure
8. 18 & Over Walk - Trot English Pleasure
9. 18 & Over Walk - Trot English Equitation
10. Lead Line - Walk - Trot 10 & Under
11. 14-17 Walk - Trot English Pleasure
12. 14-17 Walk -Trot English Equitation
13. Novice Horse Walk/Trot English Pleasure
14. Novice Rider Walk/Trot English Equitation
15. 11-13  Walk - Trot English Pleasure
16. 11-13  Walk - Trot English Equitation
17. Walk-Trot English Pattern Class All Ages
18. 10 & Under Walk - Trot English Pleasure
19. 10 & Under Walk - Trot English Equitation
20. Junior Horse Walk - Trot English Pleasure
21. Stick Horse 

1pm Break  30 Minutes (Lunch)

22. Open Walk -Trot - Canter English Pleasure
23. 18 & Over Walk - Trot - Canter English Pleasure
24. 18 & Over Walk - Trot - Canter English Equitation
25. 14-17 Walk - Trot -Canter English  Pleasure
26. 14-17 Walk - Trot - Canter English Equitation
27. Novice Horse Walk -Trot - Canter English Pleasure
28. Novice Rider Walk - Trot - Canter English Equitation
29. 11-13 Walk - Trot - Canter English Pleasure
30. 11-13 Walk - Trot - Canter English Equitation
31. Walk - Trot - Canter English Pattern Class All Ages
32. 10 & Under Walk - Trot - Canter English Pleasure
33. 10 & Under Walk - Trot - Canter English Equitation
34. Junior Horse Walk - Trot - Canter English Pleasure

 3pm Break 5 minutes

35. English Jackpot Winner Takes ALL Prize Money

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