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  • Rental of LaFleur Tail switch    
  • Show Harness Rental:  Two-wheel cart
  • Hauling fee for buggy and cart
  • Tail Braiding at horse shows
  • Equipment Rental Fees
  • Rental Tail Set Show
  • Rental Show Bridle
  • Day Care
  • Travel Fee

Whether we're cheering on a World Champion Horse in the most elegant of surroundings, or whether we're tailgating at a small outdoor horse show, one thing is for certain: We will be the loudest, laughing, good-timing group there!

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Horse shows is the proving ground for horses, men and women compete on an equal footing, and as the skills of a rider progress, shows offer opportunities to participate in “big league” athletic competition.   Entire families participate in the sport, and the opportunity to travel and show together is often mentioned as one of the best experiences of owning a horse. Horse Shows follow USEF rules.

Horse Shows
When riders first start showing, they usually start on a horse which is part of the stables lesson program.  The costs can be kept to a minimum.  There is a lot involved with taking horses to a horse show off the farm grounds, including transportation for the horses, stall fees, entry fees, show fees, groom fees, and possibly hotel and expenses fees for the Stables staff and other employees and so much more.
As a rider progresses they may find it beneficial to own or lease a horse.  Horse riding and showing is a partnership, and by being able to work with and show one specific horse a rider will learn to working toward getting to most performance possible out of their horse and themselves.  A rider will learn exactly how fast the horse can be pushed, how easily he turns, how he gets crooked one direction and what to do about, is the horse lazy or fast, does he stall still in the line up — all of these issues and more can be worked with and worked out by practice.  And while anytime spent in the saddle, no matter the horse — building that partnership between a horse and rider will maximize their ability to work together and bring out the blue.
Thought-out the year, the stables compete at horse shows all over the country.  Our riders do compete locally with many of our shows, within 100 miles of the farm, and are an easy drive.  This allows the clients to go and get home. We have horse shows that are 2-5 days shows.  A rider may show 2 or 3 times during the show. 
We price the trip according to the number of miles and the number of horses attending.  If you are interested in attending an out of town show contact, Neva.  If you are taking your own horse or leased horse, the transportation billed will be billed directly to you.  All bills are due upon receipt.
There are always questions, so please let us know.

English Saddleseat Show Attire

  • Conservative Saddle Suit or day coat and jodhpurs — jods should be dark and conservative
  • Jodhpur boots regular or patent leather
  • complementary button-down collared shirt
  • rolled derby
  • hair in a bun with hairnet (women)
  • gloves 

Custom Apparel - English (Saddleseat & Hunt) - Western - Roadster Silks
Becker Brothers LLC
DeRegnaucourt Ltd.
Marsha De Arriaga 

Carlos Chavéz

Commotion Consignment Riding Apparel
Midwest Saddleseat Consignment Apparel
The Show Shop Consignment Saddleseat Riding Apparel 
Patchwork Pony  Riding Apparel Consignment Store
Scintilla Equestrian

Preparing for Horse Shows & Horse Show Expenses

  • Transporting horses/Hauling
  • Entry registration and fees
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Tack stalls / Decorations           
  • Hay, oats, and bedding  
  • Stable supplies   
  • Rental car or golf cart

When you have a horse(s) that's ready to show, the following will take place: 
1.  LaFleur Stables staff will assist in selecting classes to entry and in completing show-entry forms. Horse shows require entry fees and stall fees be paid up front. Most shows accept credit cards. At shows that don't accept credit cards, LaFleur Stables will pay the fees and itemize them on an owner’s next statement.
2.  The number of days “day care” is determined ahead of time for each horse show. This cost is listed on the horse show schedule chart. 
3.  Shows, fees for tack, feed, and grooming stalls is prorated among the entrants from LaFleur Stables and those fees appear on the owner's next monthly statement.
4.  Shipping/Hauling charges to and from a show are listed on the horse show schedule chart.
5.  LaFleur Stables asks it entrants to decorate their stalls in the stable's traditional blue and green colors. It's a "show of team colors" and adds to the festivity of a show. The colors help friends and family locate the stable. Decorations also provide privacy and quiet places for riders and their steeds to take a rest between classes. Fees for stable decorations are prorated among riders attending the show. 
6.  If it's necessary to withdraw from a show, the entrant is billed for half of the day care and half of the shipping costs. There are no refunds on prorated fees for items such as tack rooms and golf cart rentals because those fees were determined and prorated when entries were submitted. 
7.  Customers are liable for damages to rental equipment such as buggy carts and tack (harnesses, bridles, saddles, etc.) .

8.  At shows, customers are asked to schedule work-out times 24 hours in advance. Similarly, a three-day notice should be given for release of a horse so that all tack and equipment can be assembled and readied by the time of departure.

We ask that customers please tip our groom staff at each horse show. We suggest $25/class with consideration for horses/ponies that require more work such as tail braiding; tail bracing, western tack cleaning and harness/buggy cleaning.

Horse Associations Partners

It is a good idea to become members of the above organizations if you are going to horse shows because you become eligible for many year-end awards. Year-end awards are presented to you at banquets and brunches or otherwise picked up for you by stable mates. Other fun things you can sign up for are the Academy Awards and Saddle Time Programs through the American Saddlebred Horse Association.  These are great things you get just by doing what you love, riding and showing horses. 

Thank you for choosing our stables.  Have a fun and enjoy the true horse.

Information Guide Showing/Competitions

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