The horse show is a proving ground for American Saddlebreds and their riders. As the skills of a rider progresses, it's natural to want to compete and see how you compare. Men and women compete on an equal footing at most shows, although some larger shows offer separate classes for men and women.  All horse shows, large or small, have many things in common--the excitement of competing, the thrill of achievement, and a keen sense of belonging and fellowship among riders.  Competition builds sportsmanship and character. Often entire families participate in the sport. Families travel together and, in some instances, show together. That's why showing becomes one of the best experiences of owning a Saddlebred.

Show Attire
Conservative Saddle Suit or day coat and jodhpurs - jods should be dark and conservative
Jodhpur boots regular or patent leather
complementary button-down collared shirt
rolled derby
hair in a bun with hairnet (women)

Attire, Prices, Contact, Policies, Code of Conduct
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