Shaggy Tail Package

$2400 Value and receive 15% discount=$2040.- (Active)
(7 yrs old - Adults)

  • 6 Months Package from start date.
  • 2 Tournaments at the Stables
  • 3 Pattern Classes
  • 24 Consecutive Lessons;  Group Lessons
  • 6 Lunge Line Lessons
  • 2 Open Riding
  • 1 person Form is Function Clinic
  • 2 people Parent/Jr. Exhibitor Clinic
  • 1 Supporters Day Orientation
  • 1 Holiday Camp/Day at the Stables
  • Workbooks for your goals!
  • Horse Club Meetings

Maiden Package

10% Discount = $490.50.- (Active)
(4 yrs old - Adult)

  • 2 months from your start Date
  • 3 Lunge Line Lessons
  • 1 Private Lesson
  • 4 Group Lessons
  • 2 Amateur Night 

Playmate Package 

Receive 15% off on your one lesson.

  • Bring a playmate to horse lessons

Dusty Boots Package

Save 10% on a 4 Lesson "Active" Package

  • For Riders that have ridden at the stables before.
  • Ready to get their DUSTY boots working
  • Year round one of to ride in lessons are given in our heated indoor arena or in one of our unique  multiple outdoor  venues. We are able to ride in any kind of weather Wisconsin brings our way!

Happy No Stirrup Month

Because Hard Work Beats Talent when Talent doesn’t work hard.

  • If you do 6 lessons in the month with NO stirrup leather/irons on a saddle.  Madison Riding Academy will reward you to 4 consecutive lessons.  Value $140.-

There is always something wonderful happening at the Stables!  

We love and care for horses just like you!

Follow us to our stables, west side of Madison area, WI.

Special Offers — For the enthusiastic Rider

"Horses are our passion and passion leads to making YOUR dreams come true."

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