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Horse & Pony Experience

To  schedule a Horse & Pony Experience pick a date/ day and time then fill out the Form below to reserve your spot.

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"Merlin" Friday           October 27             1pm - 3pm
"Blue" Sunday          November 12          1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. FULL
"Phil" Friday             November 24           1pm - 3pm
"Bernie" Friday        December 29            1pm - 3pm
"Jewel" Saturday    December 30            10am - Noon

​​​​​​​​Educational & Fun
First time riders and other young children.
$60.00 per rider.

This two hour camp is the perfect amount of time to hang out with the horses. The Horse and Pony Experience helps young children learn the basics of horsemanship and get comfortable on the farm in a fun-filled, family oriented environment. 

Attire do’s and do not’s : 
    Do wear — sturdy shoes, long pants, and a shirt to cover your little one’s shoulders.
        (Helmets are provided or you can bring your own.)
    Do not wear — Sandals or a shoe without a back or open toes, tank tops, cowboy boots, shorts, or any type of skirt. 

What goes on during this camp : 

  • Gain experience around horses, the ponies, and the mini horses.
  • Learn the basics of grooming a horse and the safety that goes with it. 
  • Drive the minis in the cart and ride the minis around the arena. 
  • Learn the basics of mounting and dismounting a full size horse. 
  • Learn the basics of steering the horses and gain confidence while in the saddle.