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Dates for next Tournament:
Sunday, March 18

Tournament at the Stables

 Walk/Trot/Canter Division                                                  Help support the Show by Sponsoring Class(es)

Walk/Trot Division                                                               We have banners that you could do. Ask Neva for details.

​Adult Division

Pattern Class

​Game Class


Academy Showing;

These are fun, low key shows that serve a number of purposes for the individuals showing.  It is a series of intramural shows suitable for very beginnings riders to experience a horse show atmosphere, and for very experienced riders to hone their skills and work on very specific goals.  They are designed to be fun, educational showing opportunities offered at a very reasonable rate. 

There’s got to be a better way, don’t get us wrong.  Learning to ride is still best done in the saddle, but learning how and what you are doing while on a horse can be supplemented while on the ground.  After years of creating some of the best riders in the country, we stepped back and asked ourselves, “What makes us successful?”

So what does it take to be one of the best?

LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  You know it when you see it.  That person who loves the whole process, and can’t wait for their next chance to ride. 

MAKING THE COMMITMENT.  No matter what you are doing, commitment takes you further.  That dedication comes not only from the rider, but also from the support of everyone around them.  That same discipline carries over into your daily life.

FINDING FOCUS.  It’s one of our favorite things about the Olympics.  Watching athletes find “the ZONE “ and not let anything shake them out of it.

BEING A GREAT COMPETITOR.  You want to win.  That’s what we strive for.  Demanding great sportsmanship from yourself makes you a better competitor.  Being gracious allows you to appreciate the strengths of your competition and understand how to develop those strengths for yourself.  A true win is achieving YOUR goals! 

UNDERSTANDING THAT RIDING IS A SPORT. Treat it that way.  It is NOT just sitting up there.  Just like any sport, being great requires a higher level of conditioning.  

DEVELOPING A BOND.  Unlike other sports, your teammate in riding is a living, breathing, half-ton animal.  That horse must be treated with both RESPECT and COMPASSION!  The more a rider understands their horses strengths, fears and personality, the better they can “sync” with that horse and truly become a team.

Becoming an extraordinary rider takes finding and developing these attributes in and out of the show ring. 

Academy Awards Programs

Academy Awards

Wisconsin Interscholastic Horsemanship Association

Junior Judging

American Saddlebred International Youth Program

ASHA Saddle Time

Academy Riders Showing Equipment

  • Horse $50 per show/ Lease a horse
  • Saddle and Bridle $50 per show renting   
  • Practice Ride at the Show $30 
  • Helmet – black or with black helmet cover $35 - $200
  • Jodhpur Pants --Black/Navy order extra long; we want them to go pass a rider’s boot. $35 - $200 are at the store
  • Jodhpur Boots –black $35 - $200
  • Neck tie with tie bar and tie tack; real man’s ties are best and come in many colors that coordinate with vest and shirt. NO CLIP ONS! $35 - $200 
  • Sweater Vest/Fitted Vest/ V-neck Vest of any color you look best in, this sweater needs to be snug fitting $35 - $200 
  • Tailored long-sleeved shirt (neatly tucked) in any color or pinstripe that coordinates with your vest, this shirt need to be like a man’s with collar and cuffs. $35 - $200 
  • Belt –black $35
  • Gloves – black only; leather is best. You will not show without gloves. $15-$55
  • Hair in a neat bun above the collar

Caboodle (Storage Box) Items $25- $100 with list

  • Hair spray
  • Make-up                        
  • Bobby pins
  • Safety pins large and small                
  • Brush and/or comb
  • Hairnets that match hair color            
  • Ponytail holders
  • Hair bows                        
  • Shoe polish
  • Black electrical tape                    
  • Earrings for girls; post only
  • Tie Bar            
  • Saddle Seat type show whip; proper length for rider
  • Lint brush                      
  • Underpasses for jodhpurs
  • Cuff straps – to hold pants up when walking
  • No large wraps, bows, or ribbons in hair
  • No dangling earrings, pins, necklaces or bracelets

Show ring etiquette should happen at all times. You never know who is watching.  It is only proper to cheer and applaud when the riders are trotting on the horse in the show ring. It is also appropriate to do so when the riders are in the line-up and the judge is approaching each one.

Academy Dates-- For more information contact Neva

​                 March 18 at the Stables

​                 June 17 Jefferson County Fairgrounds

                  July 6-8 IASPHA Summer Show, Gurnee, IL

                  October 5-7 MN Futurity, Winona, MN

                  November 18 at the Stables​​

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