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It doesn’t matter how good you are. It matters if you have the passion.

View of Leadership

-You have to have vision where you want to go.

You have to have a plan of how you’re going to get there.
Core Values

Do the right thing
We’re going to do everything to the very best of our ability with the time allotted. And doing the best we can means you do little things, and the little things make the difference.
We’re going to care about one another. We’re going to be able to trust one another, be committed to excellence, and care about one another. 

Biggest Mistake — to much success, the expectations get so great that winning is a relief.  Losing is a disaster. And so, because of that, they fail to raise the standards.

    You get on top, you say, “This is pretty good. Let’s not risk it. Let’s not jeopardize it, let’s not change anything.  Let’s maintain.”  Anytime you’re on top and you say let’s not risk anything. Anytime you’re not trying to get somewhere, you’re not trying to improve, you never have a reason to celbrate, you never come up with any new ideas.  

Everybody needs something to do
Everybody needs someone to LOVE. 
Everybody needs someone to believe in.
But everybody needs something to hope for.

Set goals and dreams — answer questions HONESTLY

    What sacrifices and I willing to make to do that?

    What skills and talents do I have to acquire in order to do that?

    Who do I have to work with in order to get that done?

    And whoever you have to work with, they have to understand how they’re going to benefit when you reach your goal.

    Identify the problems you have to overcome to get there. 

    Leadership is being able to solve problems, before mistakes happen.

Neva is here to make YOU the very best that you can be. And that is when Neva gets you out of your comfort ZONE.  



Building Life Long Relationships

The Rules of the Road

      Consistency & Honesty Builds Trust

      Trust builds long term relationships

In many cases, pushing horse ownership too soon results in unprepared owners which results in disenfranchised owners.  Instead, focus on creating a culture that makes life long clients and a true "BARN FAMILY"

​       Everyone is WELCOME -- The Stables is here to help you REACH YOUR GOALS -- You are part of OUR FAMILY

                                            Drama - Free Zone

As instructors, our stables has important job in the industry. If not for us, the breeders have no market for their horses (product). 

Everyone is WELCOME​

       "When your child is involved in a sport that requires TIME, money and sacrifice it is important that the instructor RESPECTS these things as well."

​       "There is never a bad day at our barn and even the most Mundane chores turn into a great time because we feel included."

       "It starts from the top down, meeting in bracing everyone the visits the barn; beginner or advance riders, those that have the means to purchase a horse immediately to those who stay in Academy indefinitely."

       "Everyone is welcome enthusiastically, introduced, made to feel "a part of"."

We are here to help you reach your goals

       "A Barn environment an instructor the focus on her committing to excelling."

       "It was important to us that she had access to watch and learn from performance rider."

       "We sough a trainer that showed commitment and consistency."

​        "We trust you to help our children to become an amazing young adults"

         "Safety of course is huge especially with the new young rider along with encouragement and some tough love along the way!"

You are part of our family!

            "We wanted very much to be proud to represent who her daughter road for."

            "We knew way to be joining a group of fun loving and supportive people and have the chance to watch world champions from the center of the arena on Saturday morning."

            "The saddlebred industry has open so many doors for our family and allowed us to spend time with amazing people."

           "They've encouraged to get to know each other and participate in all sorts of extra curricular at events. Bonds are formed with the staff, the clients, the horses and people root for one another."


Drama free zone

              "It was important to us as parents that the environment in the bar promoted maturity, sportsmanship, fun in fairness."

              "There is nothing more emotional for parent than the combination of an animals, kids and cash. "

             "As an instructor's we look to you to set the tone and to set the standard. If you teach sportsmanship, fun, and inclusion in your program that is what will come out."

              "As a parent parent I can tell you that the every world champion starts with an up/down lesson and it was important that our child was not instructed with our financial status leading the way."​​