Visitor Rider

Just visiting we have programs for the day or days.  We will find the right enjoyable Horsey Lover program for you. 

Day Time Lessons

  • Ages: 4 yrs. old -Adults
  • Tuesday 10:30am All Levels, 11:30am All Levels
  • Wednesday 10:30am All Levels, 11:30am All Levels
  • Thursday 11am Advanced/Intermediate, 11:45 Intermediate/Beginner, 12:30 Beginner/Intermediate
  • Friday 11am All Levels, 11:45am All Levels
  • Saturday 11am Advanced, 11:45am Intermediate/Advanced, 12:30pm Intermediate/Beginner, 1:15pm Beginner/Intermediate

Group Lessons
Advancing your riding skills and with companions sharing your LOVE with the horses.  
Are a great AFFORDABLE way to learn while riding and having other in the lessons.

  • 1 Riding Lesson --$65.-

4 Lessons Consecutive “Active” Package —$140.-

  • Ages: 4 yrs. old -Adults 
  • For the  rider that rides 4 consecutive times within 30 days. 
  • If under 17 yrs. old must have parent/guardian to stay during lessons. 

4 Lessons "Daycare" Package --$180.-

  • Ages: 4 yrs. old -Adults 
  • Each rider Expires within a 360 days from purchased date.
  • “Daycare” if under 17 yrs. old parent/guardian has option to drop off. 

Attire, Prices, Contact, Policies 

Lunge Line Lessons  1=$40.00 each rider             3=$110.00 1 rider    

  • Ages: 3 yrs. old-Adults 
  • 15 Minutes of strength training
  • Balance, Confidence, Position with muscle memory
  • One on one very detail orientated and catered to the individual rider. 
  • Different exercise are performed to train your body how to be in the correct riding position.
  • Call 608-833-3635

1 Private Lessons —$100.-

  • Ages: 3 yrs. old -Adults
  • One rider one instructor
  • Schedule by appointment; 608-833-3635 or

Parent & Child Riding 

  • Ages: 4 yrs. old -Adults 
  • Family Time and togetherness enjoying the horses.
  • Call 608-833-3635

Tiny Tot Lessons

  • Ages: 4 - 6 yrs old.  
  • Group lesson great affordable way to learn
  • Work on skills to develop for riding.
  • Tuesday 3:30pm, 4:15pm
  • Wednesday 4pm, 4:45pm
  • Thursday 11:45am, 12:30pm
  • Friday 11:45am
  • Saturday 12:30pm, 1:15pm
  • Call 608-833-3635

Amateur Night   $80.—(Active Price)           $110.— (Daycare Price)

  • Ages: 4 yrs. old -Adults
  • For the Passionate Rider on a Friday evening 5pm-8pm
  • Learn the steps and taking the TIME to embrace your passion with YOU and the HORSE.
  • Understanding how to lead a horse
  • Stand a horse on a lead
  • Understand the horses confirmation and how they communicate 
  • Grooming-Brushing, picking horses hooves
  • Tacking up the horses with Saddle, Saddle pad, girth, (instructor will bridle the horse)
  • Learn the basic of riding; walking with correct form and steering
  • Taking car of the horse after riding
  • Barn and stall care

Day Camps one camper-$120.--

Driving/Harness Lesson     $100.-  each driver (Active Price)  $110.- each driver (Daycare Price)

  • Ages: 7 yrs. old - Adult
  • One on one individual instruction
  • Learn and tune your driving skills. 

Horse & Pony Experience      $65.—(Active Price)          $85.— (Daycare Price)

  • First time Riders recommended ages: 2 yrs old -9 yrs old
  • Two hour experience to hang out at the stables.
  • Helps young children horsemanship and get comfortable on the farm in a fun-filled, family oriented environment.
  • Gain experience around horses, the ponies, and miniature horses.
  • Learn the basics of grooming and the safety that goes with it.
  • Drive/Ride with the miniature horse in the cart and ride the miniature around the arena.
  • Learn  the basic of mounting and dismounting a full size horse.
  • Learn the basic of steering the horses and gain confidence while riding double with a rider.
  • Experiences all year around
  • Dates check Horse & Pony Page

Leisure Outdoor Riding

  • Saturday's at 2pm check in ride at 2:30pm
  • Call Sign up 608-833-3635